About Us

MobileHippo Office

MobileHippo's mission is to provide an easy-to-use mobile site builder that encourages everyone to do more with mobile. MobileHippo offers a fully-hosted environment for creating and maintaining mobile sites. MobileHippo's do-it-yourself tools allow creative professionals, businesses, and individuals to quickly and easily create and maintain, high-quality mobile sites.

Based in Howell, MI, MobileHippo was founded in 2012 by Derek Crandall, Steve Russell and Robert Paquette. We love the mobile web, and we're on a mission to help small businesses do more with mobile.

Huge figures roll in month after month showing the number of people using smartphones to access the web. As a result, big businesses are in a desperate rush to service consumers on the new platform. At MobileHippo, we wanted to build a tool to help small businesses benefit from the rising number of people trying to access their sites on the go. The majority of web access on mobile is local and informational, and this creates a large opportunity for small businesses. Our easy-to-use mobile site builder can help you take advantage of that opportunity.